[kwid-i-tee] /'kwiditi/ noun (pl) -ties

(philosophy) the essential nature of something

Accounting and financial management partners who take your business success personally

As our name suggests- Quiddity is built on the philosophy that we can only help our clients achieve success by truly understanding their business. It’s more than just an appreciation of what it sells and how it operates. We want to grasp the big idea at the heart of it. Why does it exist? What are the threats to its growth? What’s happening in the wider industry? And most importantly, what does success look like for the people running it and the stakeholders involved?

It’s our belief that the ‘standard’ approach to financial management in business is out of date and ineffective. Companies need much more now to help them overcome increased competition, industry disruption, changing regulations and ever more demanding customers. Once we understand the aims and the essence of the offer, we then marry high level strategic advice to effective technology solutions to get it to where it needs to be.

Although we expertly cover the day-to-day range of services such as bookkeeping and management accounting, its when we can open business owners’ eyes to the power of information and data that the opportunities really open up for them and incredible results are possible.

Our people are what makes us what we are. They are the very essence of Quiddity. What’s the essence of your business? Let us find out and we can help you control its navigation and point it squarely towards business success.