We measure our own success by that of our clients. Our business
grows because their's does. And nothing makes us happier than
hearing about the difference we've made.

Get more than a finance department and partner with the right people.

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What our clients have to say

“They’ve changed the business by giving our management team the tools to make better decisions.”

Leilani Abels, Thrive PR and Communications

“They just showed us by putting systems in place, we can get the business organised and free Chris up to do more pest control and grow the business.”

Chris & Penny Thompson, Ants Pants Pest Control

“They introduced IT solutions that made all the information about the business easy to view, easy to understand, easy to report and easy to manage.”

Noeline Cassetari, KindiFarm
Sarah Hendriks – Porch And Parlour
Sarah Hendriks – Porch And Parlour:

“Such a pleasure to work with! They are encouraging, motivating, passionate, organized, and above all give us peace of mind that our business finances are always in order. Thanks girls! “

Noeline Cassetarri – KindiFarm
Noeline Cassetarri – KindiFarm:

“It’s such a relief to be able to delegate such an important part of the business to someone else, and know it will be cared for perfectly. Jasmin and Kristina also provided system improvements and IT solutions that have cut operating costs. Such a professional, great value for money service. And such lovely people to work with! Certainly takes a lot of the stress out of running a small business.”

Penny Thompson – Ants Pants Pest Control
Penny Thompson – Ants Pants Pest Control:

“Highly organized and switched on to the ins and outs of running a business, they are everything we have been looking for but didn’t realize we could find in one place. The team are accessible, keeping us up to date at all times. The systems provided have streamlined everything and removed the stress of running our own business. I absolutely recommend them to any small business.”

Mary Bjelobrk- Them Ones:

“Starting our business was daunting. We didn’t know where to start and having them on our side from Day 1 enabled us take that first step. The wealth of experience and the hints and tips have been invaluable. We have been set up for success from the start – It was very clever of us to find the right partner. We can now spend our time and resources to ensure our business is a success with the support provided by Quiddity. Make it the smartest decision you’ve made for your business too.”

Ed Navarro – Masters Cleaners
Ed Navarro – Masters Cleaners:

“Thank you Jasmin and to all at Quiddity. I can’t praise you & your team enough, you all make me feel that your part of the Master Cleaners team. It’s been a long struggle trying to get the back end of this business running well. We have always been cash strapped. Lot of work, no cash flow!!! I can see that your team will keep this in check & within the next month be on track.”